Who knew history could be so much fun?

Savoir Faire is the first & only all-female a cappella club created in 1996 by a few members of PSU's co-ed group None of the Above.

Savoir Faire's setlist features a range of music that has included everything from James Taylor to Ariana Grande. They learn two setlists, hand-picked by their members, to be performed at their Fall & Spring concerts. Savoir Faire can be found performing music, from past setlists, outside the Student Book Store every Sunday after home football games.

Savoir Faire's main mission is create a music-filled foundation in which all members can have life-long friendships, a space to grow, a lot of fun, and a place to sing!

sav•oir faire

noun (sav-wuhr-fair)


  1. Instinctive knowledge of the right course of action in any circumstance.
  2. A polished sureness in social behavior.


Latin: saper (to know)
Latin: facere (to do)


French literature, 1815
(to know how to do)


tact, poise, finesse, grace, elegance, sophistication