Who knew history could be so much fun?

Created in 1996 (ish), Savoir Faire was formed by a few good members (ahahahaha) of PSU's co-ed group None of the Above in order to fill a glaring hole in the PSU a cappella scene... no all-female groups!! For SHAME!

The girls have been hocking their girly tunes (and some not so girly tunes) for a cappella fans in and around PSU's campus ever since. They can be seen boppin' and rockin' outside the Student Book Store throughout football season as well as in concert and at various functions. However, these ladies love nothing better than to take their show on the road.

They've been all up in the tri-state area singing with other superfly groups and causing mayhem and awesome music everywhere they go. They do not wish to toot their own horn or anything but... these ladies are way fun... word.

sav•oir faire

noun (sav-wuhr-fair)


  1. Instinctive knowledge of the right course of action in any circumstance.
  2. A polished sureness in social behavior.


Latin: saper (to know)
Latin: facere (to do)


French literature, 1815
(to know how to do)


tact, poise, finesse, grace, elegance, sophistication