Allie Conn

Alumni, previously Web Relations

Allie was born Allison Belmont Conn (ABC) on December 3rd (123)...clearly she was born to love Michael Jackson. She will probably attempt to tell you this herself, but chances are she will be laughing too hard to get the words out. She loves to laugh, and if you can make out what she’s saying through her laughter you will most likely hear something about camp, Israel, or USY. She also loves to make other people laugh. Occasionally this is inadvertent (tripping UP the steps of the Blue Loop and onto her face? You betcha!). Akon is a huge fan of her partner in crime...YOUNG JEEZY.

Voice Part Bass, Soprano 1
Joined Fall 2006
Studying Public Relations and International Studies
Graduation 2010
Portrait of Allie Conn