Amy Gilbert

Alumni, previously Member

Amy has been singing longer than she can remember. Amy can be described as the band geek, the nerdy intellectual, and the preppy cheerleader all rolled into one! Talk about complicated...This makes for Savoir Fun Times!

Inside her Barbie pink bag you’ll find two graphing calculators, huge textbooks and a tablet PC. You might see Amy on campus doing complicated math problems or impossible physics stuff, or if you are lucky, you might see her with her high tech circuit board. The plus side to being nerdy? Amy gets to be surrounded by boys 24/7 because out of 200 students in her electrical engineering class, she’s one of 12 girls. Score!

Despite the high stress levels and insane amounts of homework and studying, Amy loves a good time. Look for her at football games in her bright neon yellow recycling shirt cheering on the team, shopping downtown or out on the town.

Voice Part Soprano 2/Alto
Joined Spring 2008
Studying Electrical Engineering
Graduation 2009
Portrait of Amy Gilbert