Arielle Kroser

Alumni, previously Member

Peace, Love and Arielle Kroser

Arielle is an 2008 graduate of Taylor Allderdice High School in Pittsburgh, PA and since she comes from the cooler half of the state, Arielle obviously knows what’s up in the world of professional sports. She studies Elementary Education, and is loving every minute of it. This Fall ’09 newbie comes equipped with a laid-back, hippie mentality that makes her a doll to be around. But don’t let her sweetheart personality fool you. She’s a diva as a vocalist and always has a good time! She loves hanging out and having fun with her friends while still maintaining high academic standards, of course. She is always ready to contribute with her musical expertise. She’s a diplomat and a problem solver who really sees the big picture.

Many describe Arielle’s style as soulful. This pretty lady can sing basically any voice part and she’s damn good at it, so be sure to check out her killer solo in "It’s Raining Men!".

Voice Part Bass/Alto
Joined Fall 2009
Studying Elementary Education
Graduation 2012
Portrait of Arielle Kroser