Ashley Rodriguez

Alumni, previously Social Chair

Ashley Rodriguez is sure to bring her New York attitude to every Savoir Faire rehearsal. She may seem like a Jersey girl (by her obsession with Jersey Shore), but this fashionista is a true New Yorker at heart. The talented bass singer is obsessed with pop-culture and can’t go a day without checking up on the latest news via her idol, Perez Hilton. Her enthusiasm for movies and their celebrity stars is contagious, but don’t let this girl fool you. Ashley has a great passion for science and plans on taking the place of her fav Grey’s Anatomy cast members one day by becoming Dr. Rodriguez.

Although Ashley loves studying chemistry in her free time, this girl’s no nerd. Ashley is the life of the party, it’s hard to keep up with this social butterfly!

Voice Part (super)Bass
Joined Fall 2010
Studying Kinesiology (Pre-Med)
Graduation 2013
Portrait of Ashley Rodriguez