Brittany Hee

Alumni, previously Musical Director

Brittany is a CSD major who loves singing with her Savoir sisters. As the new Musical Director, she enjoys her role as the fearless leader of her 17 sassy ladies. When she’s not learning or preparing music for the group, she’s usually out creating her own lingo consisting solely of abbreviations (abrevs), or embarrassing herself in public by showcasing her rap skills. She’s also in the process of applying to graduate school to pursue her dream of being a Speech-Language Pathologist, and is praying that a grad school will be wonderful enough to take her. She’s a lover of Penn State football, bulldogs, Chipotle, and drams. And don’t let her soprano voice part fool you, she’s secretly a closet bass (or so she seems to believe).

Voice Part Soprano 1
Joined Fall 2010
Studying Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD)
Graduation 2013
Portrait of Brittany Hee