Catie Hoffman

Alumni, previously Member

Catie is a great gal from crab (like the food) central USA, however through her many adventures around the world her pit stop in Japan for 7 years greatly shaped her character. She has danced with the indigenous, eaten crustaceans that stare at you, and encountered Godzilla... multiple times. Catie now loves to study people and culture. Her love for Celtic culture has led her to play the harp, do an Irish jig, Riverdance, and truly believe St. Patrick drove all the snakes from Ireland. In her spare time she loves to dance salsa, Argentine tango, swing, and tinikling...her Filipino aunt would agree! Aside from her many talents, she would like to thank Wonder Woman for teaching her how to lasso a criminal and save the world! You will most likely see Catie around campus walking swiftly from point A to point B, but she never lacks time to scarf down a chocolate bar in order to keep her energizer bunny on cruise control. If you run into Catie, step aside because she will just keep going and going and going.....

Voice Part Soprano I
Joined Spring 2010
Studying .
Graduation 2012
Portrait of Catie Hoffman