Emily Afflerbach

Alumni, previously Music Director

Emily graduated with a major in Veterinary and Biomedical Science and is planning on taking a year off to do lab research. Emily joined Savoir Faire in Fall 2018 and has served as our music director for two years now. We can all agree that the group would not be the same without all her hard work! Emily will miss the constant togetherness, love, and support from the group and says Savoir Faire has been her outlet for happiness.

We will miss Emily’s dedication and hard work, as well as her ability to make anyone feel comfortable and loved. She has put so much love and time into this group and it certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed! Congrats again Emily, we love you lots and will miss you!

Voice Part Bass
Joined Fall 2018
Studying Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science
Graduation 2022
Portrait of Emily Afflerbach