Emma Geiser


Emma is a senior majoring in Labor and Human Resources. She is our resident treasurer and has been an assistant treasurer in previous years. Emma has enjoyed hosting Savoir Secret Santa the past two years, and her favorite arrangement to make was Hypotheticals from our Fall 2021 setlist. Emma's all-time favorite arrangement was Landslide (to which she cried heavily while hearing it for the first time).

Emma absolutely loves being a Penn Stater & Savoir was the first club she joined freshman year!! When she’s not singing really low, she also enjoys thrifting, traveling to new places, cooking, reading, and spending time with her friends and family. She is also known for working at Roots and being a part of Dancer Relations in THON!! Savoir has always been a part of Emma’s college experience and it holds a place near and dear to her heart <3

Voice Part Bass
Joined Fall 2019
Studying Labor and Human Resources
Graduation 2023
Portrait of Emma Geiser