Hannah Finkenbinder

Alumni, previously Member

Hannah is Savoir Faire’s resident rebel. Seriously, this girl is trouble. She received countless detentions in high school for the heinous act of...yes, you guessed it...laughing. That’s right, Hannah’s uncontrollable laughter drove her to the point of class disturbance, so naturally her teachers had no choice but to punish her. But honestly, who could help laughing when your high school mascot is the bubbler?

She also likes to trick people into thinking she’s blind (I told you she was trouble!) because whenever she smiles her eyes disappear. When Hannah isn’t smiling or laughing, which really does take up most of her day, her other favorite pastimes are moshing to indie punk music and cart wheeling.

With the extensive knowledge she will gain from her major, Hannah aspires to be America’s next biggest hotel mogul. So watch out world, Hannah will take you by storm as the first ever billionaire, cart wheeling, hotel tycoon!

Voice Part Bass/Alto
Joined Spring 2009
Studying Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management: Dietetic Option
Graduation 2011
Portrait of Hannah Finkenbinder