Karissa Dialectos

Alumni, previously Assistant Music Director

Karissa graduated with a double major in Criminology and Sociology with a minor in Psychological Science. She will be attending Duquesne Law after graduation and is determined to find an a cappella group there. She joined Savoir Faire in Fall 2018 and has done an incredible job serving as our assistant music director for the past two years. Karissa will miss being able to see her best friends all together at least twice a week during rehearsals and says her favorite memories are our annual Savoir Faire friendsgiving/secret santa gatherings.

We will miss the light and positive energy Karissa brings to rehearsals. She has always put the group first and has been a calming presence that everyone enjoys being around. Congrats Karissa, we love you and will miss you lots! Good luck moving forward!

Voice Part Soprano
Joined Fall 2018
Studying Criminology and Sociology
Graduation 2022
Portrait of Karissa Dialectos