Keisha Mulugeta

Alumni, previously Business Manager

Savoir Faire is ecstatic to have Keisha (aka Wild Kiki or Bon Kiki, whichever you prefer) as a dedicated member. She has been involved in Savoir Faire since her freshman year and had the role of secretary, musical librarian and business manager. At each and every rehearsal she makes sure to bring her A-game, and by that we mean entertaining the entire group at each and every rehearsal. This girl is truly a comedian! She never fails to put a smile on all of our faces and to make us laugh hysterically. There is never a dull moment with Wild Kiki. She’s just a ball of positive energy!

Aside from Savoir Faire, Wild Kiki is very well rounded in her academic and social life. She displays vigorous work ethic within her major with high hopes of becoming a physician. Besides singing, she also has a passion for dancing and acting. Let me tell you, Wild Kiki is multi-talented. She especially loves to break it down with her roommate who, may I add, is the best roomie she could ever ask for. You can most likely find them swing dancing or salsa dancing. Wild Kiki also enjoys traveling and reality love shows. She is graduating in the spring of 2013, so watch out! Your time to meet her is limited.

Voice Part Soprano II
Joined Fall 2009
Studying Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Graduation 2013
Portrait of Keisha Mulugeta