Krista DeLuca

Alumni, previously Musical Director

Krista is no longer the resident prep, but instead a Savoir woman in charge. Krista has more Savoir duties now that she’s a big, bad senior, but don’t worry, we’ll find someone else to choreograph our sweet dance moves.

When Krista isn’t dying her hair, wrestling and/or watching wrestling, being a science nerd, or singing karaoke with her Savoir loves, she’s doing...well, nothing actually, she’s kind of a bum. Kidding! Krista is always doing something around campus, but rest assured that she is certainly not giving out hugs or anything warm and fuzzy.

Krista enjoys singing really high and is very proud of her red hair...wait, blonde hair...wait, what color is it? And don’t let her popped-collar, pearls-getup fool ya--this girl is a known thief of kisses, so beware!

Voice Part Soprano 1
Joined Fall 2006
Studying Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Graduation 2010
Portrait of Krista DeLuca