Lauren Colacicco

Alumni, previously Social Chair

Lauren is a senior at Penn State and is super pumped to be part of the Savoir Faire family this year! Lauren is still anxiously waiting to receive her Hogwarts acceptance letter by owl, so in the meantime she spends her time studying all things Harry Potter. Although being a wizard takes up a lot of her time, Lauren also likes to play the guitar and harmonize with the radio. You can also find her binge watching Grey’s Anatomy in hopes that some of the medical terms they use will melt into her brain for future use in PA school. But don’t worry, a Cappella is her passion and she’s more often singing than talking.

Soloist: Trumpets - Jason Derulo

Perc Soloist: White Winter Hymnal - Fleet Floxes

Voice Part Alto
Joined Fall 2015
Studying Biobehavioral Health
Graduation 2018
Portrait of Lauren Colacicco