Maura Denny

Alumni, previously Secretary

Maura is Savoir Faire’s resident tall girl. But don’t put her in the category of Elf, she is no cotton-headed ninnymuggins. The fact that she is so tall helps her ’doom’ all the way down to the bass range. She can also make some cool kazoo and castanets noises...though that probably has nothing to do with her height.

In her free time Maura enjoys being unreachable due to her lack of a cell phone, drawing crazy awesome super heroes and villains and traveling through the near east discovering the secrets of the ancients. She’ll do all this and more as long as her horoscope tells her she’s having a five star day.

Her important SF duties include coming up with super alter egos for her fellow SF-ers and holding the lighter to shine on David Duchovny. Maura would like to thank her family, Montuhotep III and Ramesses the Great for all her a cappella success.

Voice Part Bass
Joined Fall 2008
Studying Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
Graduation 2011
Portrait of Maura Denny