Melissa Herder

Alumni, previously Assistant Musical Director

Melissa has enjoyed her semesters in Savoir Faire. She couldn’t ask for a better way to continue her singing in her college career. Her uncle introduced her to singing when she was 4 years old, and has been singing ever since! She really enjoys musical theatre, and singing in the shower. Melissa is a Health Policy Administration major, who is very active at Penn State. When she’s not singing with the lovely ladies of Savoir Faire, she is making the world a better place through the club Global Public Health Brigades in which she is president of. She wishes to join the Peace Corps after graduation to continue her service work. Melissa is from San Diego and really struggles with this winter weather, but she couldn’t ask for a better University to attend!

Voice Part Soprano 1
Joined Spring 2012
Studying Health Policy Administration
Graduation 2014
Portrait of Melissa Herder