Molly Graham

Alumni, previously Webmaster

Molly is Savoir Faire’s fabulous director. She is so dedicated that she takes her pitch-pipe with her everywhere she goes, except for gigs. On road trips she likes to show off her amazing driving skills/how she can cheat death, and she’s always the one prepared to talk to crazy people with no teeth to get some directions. There is probably not one word in the English language that Molly doesn’t know and she uses all of them, often receiving blank stares from the rest of the group.

Her level of intellect is also apparent through her humor, as she can usually be found telling poop jokes during practice time. Molly’s excitement for Savoir Faire could compare her to the likes of a cartoon character, but even with all the hype she still manages to forget Jana’s name and call her "Bass."

Voice Part Soprano 2, Percussion
Joined Fall 2003
Studying Theatre
Graduation 2008
Portrait of Molly Graham