Natalie Novak

Alumni, previously Assistant Musical Director

Savoir Faire would like to welcome Natalie Eve Novak. She is truly one of kind and adds so much flavor to this group. She’s an amazing dancer, if you haven’t see her dance, I ADVISE YOU TO SEE HER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! As she rushes from her dance classes to rehearsal, she brings her positive attitude as well as her dancing skills. If you’ve seen any of the videos from our concerts, and you’re wondering who is the sexy girl who reminds you of Michelle Trachtenberg, that’s Ms. Natalie Eve for you. Some may think that she looks like Ashley from Entourage, but you best better open your eyes because she is HAWT!

Of course, Natalie Eve is what I call a renaissance woman. She is intelligent, athletic, and as you already know, she can break it down. She is a sweetheart and I must say that her roommate couldn’t be happier. After graduation, Natalie will be moving back to her beloved Pittsburgh to work, and she is currently interested in applying to environmental law school.

Don’t forget, when you check out Savoir Faire’s awesome videos, and you notice that girl shaking it, that is Natalie Eve, don’t get it twisted.


Fade Into You - Nashville

Voice Part Soprano 1
Joined Fall 2009
Studying Biology/Dance minor
Graduation 2013
Portrait of Natalie Novak