Natalie Vogel

Alumni, previously Business Manager

Natalie describes herself as kind of sheltered so, should you be lucky enough to have a conversation with Miss Vogel, be prepared to witness much inadvertent hilarity. It’s like a joke a minute with this girl...only she doesn’t know it. Subjects covered include hussies, her gaggle of old lady friends, or saving baby cows from the HUB Lawn. It’s definitely in your best interest to keep a close ear to whatever Natalie might learn something.

But don’t be fooled by her sweet, innocent exterior, because while she’s dazzling you with her incredible intelligence for the most random information known to man, she’s also most likely planning something elaborately hysterical. Be careful kids...she’s very tricky.

Voice Part Soprano 2
Joined Fall 2006
Studying Journalism
Graduation 2010
Portrait of Natalie Vogel