Sara DiPiazza

Alumni, previously Librarian

Sara DiPiazza is a fabulous Savoir Faire fashionista--this girl even looks good in sweatpants! She loves to have a good time and make fun of people. And no, not in the bad way but in the good way, and only to her worries! She’s a doll! Sara likes to handle the money in this here group so good thing she’s in the school of business and a Sapphire smartie!

When she’s not going out and being the life of the party, Sara enjoys sitting on her bed and watching her favorite television show--Grey’s Anatomy. She most likely will be caught rushing out of rehearsal so she can see the start of it--or else...she dies of sadness for missing it. Thank god for TiVo!

Sara loves to sing, but especially loves singing with her Savoir Faire girlies. Oh, and just as an FYI--never ask Sara to create anything artistic because it’s going to be scary--or at least her paper snowflakes will be. Those are definitely her downfall. Anything else I’m sure she can manage.

Voice Part Soprano 2
Joined Fall 2008
Studying Marketing and Economics
Graduation 2012
Portrait of Sara DiPiazza