Sarah Wait

Alumni, previously Assistant Musical Director

Sarah Wait was new to Savoir Faire last year coming from Penn State Berks campus but is entering her second year in the group. She has been so excited to continue singing with such a talented group of girls. Sarah has been playing piano and singing since she was four years old with many different organizations. Sarah has a true passion for music that she would like to keep a part of her life forever. When Sarah is not focusing on her love for music, she is working towards her Telecommunications major and Business minor. She hopes that through this she will be able to involve herself in the music business some day. Sarah also loves to be outdoors, hang out with friends, go to concerts, and visit family or her boyfriend Eric who goes to Temple. Sarah is really enjoying her time her at University Park and especially loves singing with her Savoir members.

Arrangements: The Lonely - Christina Perri

Solos: Landslide - Fleetwood Mac The Lonely - Christina Perri

Voice Part Bass
Joined Fall 2013
Studying Telecommunications, Business Minor
Graduation 2015
Portrait of Sarah Wait