Sharon Silverman

Alumni, previously Assistant Musical Director

Sharon is Savoir Awesome. Whenever you are engaged in conversation with her, you’ll probably hear her use the word "Savoir" as an adjective about 200 times. Savoir Fun, Savoir Party, Savoir Sexy, Savoir Sharon! Speaking of sexy...If there was ever such a thing called being "too sexy for your own good," Sharon would be it.

As our unofficial resident choreographer, Sharon has taken savoir sexy to a whole new level, granting her the name Super Sexy Sharon. You can easily pick her out of the group by noticing her amazing dance skills. ("Thanks Mom!" says Sharon)

When she’s not dancing up a storm or attempting to perc (p-p-p-p-p-perc!), you might find Sharon waving around a flag on the football field with the Blue Band Silks. Yeah, Sharon’s famous. No big deal. Oh, and if you are nice to her, she may even take you out on a coffee date. Or buy you a box of donuts.

Voice Part Alto
Joined Spring 2008
Studying Jewish Studies, Religious Studies
Graduation 2011
Portrait of Sharon Silverman